As much as project management software has improved and as many internal messaging systems and email addresses as a modern company has access to, nobody has yet found a way to keep everyone in the office up to speed more effectively than by talking to each other.

The meeting room is the beating heart of many office-based businesses, because the meeting room is where people find out what’s going on and where plans are discussed and developed.

For this reason, it’s a room where your team need to be at their sharpest, their most perceptive, and their most creative.

How do we encourage that?

A Proper Working Atmosphere Needs That Coffee Aroma

Many businesses make a point – almost a ritual – out of making sure everyone has a freshly-brewed cup of coffee or tea in front of them. It’s well worth doing; a shared drink will bring those in the meeting together and the coffee will sharpen their minds and keep their attention focused.

But how effective this is – and we’ve looked at this sort of question before – depends upon how good the coffee is.

To have the most effective possible meetings, you need to take advantage of every benefit you can. Consider upgrading your meeting room coffee machine to something more modern, like a Jura or WMF bean to cup machine or a FLAVIA 500 Creation.

By bringing new meeting room coffee machines in to play, businesses can improve meeting efficiency, morale, and office camaraderie all in one fell swoop – and every single one of those contribute significantly to long-term productivity.

There are few better ways to see improvements across the board than bringing in a better hot drinks machine.

If you’d like some advice on the right machine for you why not fill in our enquiry form, email us at [email protected] or call 0800 3357 500?

New years are all about new priorities; taking stock, assessing your business and your personal life, and making plans to better both.

Before you get too deep into complex plans to better your business, take a moment and ask yourself – are you missing something? Here at Nexus, we believe you are.

The Benefits of Good Coffee

Nobody will dispute that a jolt of caffeine at the right time creates a short-term productivity boost; that much is well documented.

But there is still something you might easily overlook that separates a cup of great-tasting, full-flavoured coffee with a heady aroma from a can of discount energy drink; the taste and the pleasure of drinking it.

Studies have shown that happier employees are more productive – and not by a little; results indicate the productivity boost is somewhere between 12 and 31% per happy employee, and the difference between the sour tang of taurine in the energy drink can and the smooth, delicious flavour of a strong coffee from a FLAVIA 500, Keurig, Jura or WMF company-scale coffee maker goes a long way toward making a happier employee on its own.

Knowing that the machine was put there by an employer who shows they value their staff also helps, and more than you might think – these seem like little things but their effects are cumulative.

A Small Change with a Big Result

A lot of productivity measures can strain the budget, even break the bank, but upgrading the team’s caffeine delivery system shows you care and benefits them in one fell swoop, lifting their overall mood, fostering loyalty, and raising productivity.

Better yet, it pays off long term, as every day for the year when they make a cup of coffee they’ll remember you took the extra step to make their lives better – giving you another precious jolt of productivity and morale to go with the caffeine’s own benefit.

Ringing in the new year with a new coffee machine is a simple but easily overlooked way to revolutionise your company’s performance. Don’t let it slip through the cracks!

Winter is well and truly upon us now, and with time taken out of everyone’s busy morning schedule to de-ice the car most mornings, dark skies making waking up slower, and all the rest, a fine cup of strong coffee with a rich flavour and a hearty aroma on arrival at work (and at intervals through the day to keep the chill out) is never more sought after than in the Christmas season.

Still, while we won’t deny that an upgrade to the latest coffee machine – a FLAVIA 500, say, or a Keurig, if not trialling a Jura bean-to-cup machine – is a great Christmas present for your staff to keep them motivated and happy into the new year, this is also a time when we at Nexus Drinks like to look back on a busy year, helping our customers get the rich taste they crave and keeping colleagues their customers happy up and down the country in offices, pubs, factories and showrooms.

It’s been a busy year and a lot has changed, good and bad alike, for all of us as the year’s gone forward, but as we reach the end of it, there’s one thing we absolutely have to admit; it wouldn’t have been the same without all of you.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of our customers a Merry Christmas – and a happy new year into the bargain! We look forward to continuing to supply you with the best tasting coffee from the best machines on the market next year.

Time to Think It Over

Off the back of the hottest July on record and a similarly scorching August, it may seem too early to be thinking about winter.

On the other hand, here at Nexus Drinks we remember that getting our new office fans back in April ahead of the rush turned out to be a great idea – because once the temperature really started to hit those dizzying heights, they just flew off the shelves.

Did your office miss out? Were you trapped in a showroom without air conditioning? Turning it around for a moment, are you worried that your warehouse breakroom will be freezing in the winter months? Is your pub ready to serve winter warmers to those who want them, or are you going to be hoping to make do with cold drinks alone?

Back to School

They don’t call the start of a new school year Winter Term for nothing. As September starts we seem a comfortable four months from Christmas – but it’s the perfect time to address your winter beverage needs.

Here at Nexus Drinks we know that coffee is a workplace staple all year round, but we also know that it’s taken much more seriously and brewed much more often in winter months – and if you’ve been wondering whether you should upgrade to the beautiful aromas and full flavours available for FLAVIA or Klix coffee machines, this is the perfect opportunity.

Make your company’s coffee stand out from the rest this winter. Get in touch today and we can provide the perfect coffee machine for you.

Whether you work in an office, factory, retail showroom or restaurant, there’s a pretty good chance that your coffee break is one of the ways you manage your day – and one of the ways you make sure you clear your workload on time.

But how can you make the most of your daily caffeine intake? When you’re putting together your plan for the working day, take these tips into account:

Factor in the Time to Take Effect

cup and coffee beans

Caffeine begins to take effect about 10 minutes after first being consumed, with a peak effect about 45 minutes un. For many of us, our pre-commute morning coffee is just enough to power us through the commute, and a warm, aromatic cup of a good coffee on arrival at the workplace will get you back up to speed.

Similarly, if you start your cup ten minutes before the end of any break, you’ll get the maximum benefit when it comes to getting the day’s work handled smoothly and effectively.

Watch the Hours

Believe it or not, the giant mug isn’t the way to go; Studies have shown that a smaller cup’s worth of caffeine about once every hour creates a smoother caffeine ‘curve’ through the day, keeping you more up and energised for most of it without setting you up to crash later on.

This kind of steady performance makes your days much easier to handle, as you’ll never be thrown a curve ball when you’re in a slump.

The good news is that this fits very nicely with the desired cup sizes for many of the coffee machines we offer, including the FLAVIA and Klix systems – so it’s more natural to get the right size with those, but it’s also something to think about with WMF and Jura machines which have more flexibility.

To Sweeten or Not?

Honestly, here at Nexus Drinks we believe you should sweeten if that makes the flavour better for you and avoid sweetening if it doesn’t. Still, there’s some evidence from the scientists that caffeine and sugar together has much more effect than either one on their own; the effects they have on your brain almost seem designed to combine.

If you’re really on deadline crunch, maybe it’s worth adding some sugar even if you don’t normally – or failing that, how about one of these popular substitutes?

Cinnamon sticks and powder

Just having a FLAVIA,  Kenco Singles or Keurig machine on hand provides a great coffee experience. However, if you want to add a little something extra special, there are a few special extras you can keep in stock by the machine.

Have you ever tried…

Coconut Oil

Take a teaspoon of coconut oil and stir it into your cup for a silky-smooth extra flavour that will set your coffee apart from everyone else’s. It’s got a great energy payoff, too!

Cinnamon Rather Than Sugar

You can make your cup a little healthier without cutting the sweetness by swapping a spoonful of sugar for a pinch of cinnamon. With autumn almost on us and winter ahead, the extra hit of warmth from a little cinnamon in there is especially appreciated.


While coconut oil and cinnamon can both be used to give your coffee a little extra pep, cardamom will actually slightly reduce the effective caffeine hit – so if you take more cups than many, a little bit of cardamom will make it easier on you while adding that spiced Eastern flavour. Well worth a try if you haven’t before!

Maple Syrup

A splash is all that’s needed – but the distinctive taste of the maple means that as well as giving you a sweeter cup, you’ll get a little extra flavour. We think this one’s particularly good for showroom coffees – something to make the potential customer’s drink stand out from the crowd.

A Dash of Vanilla Extract

Almost everyone’s heard of vanilla coffee these days; it’s one of the more common requests for flavour at coffee shops – but nothing’s stopping you stirring it into your cup straight out of the Keurig, and the flavour is just as good!

Clear Honey

Another non-sugar sweetener, a dab of clear honey does less to change the flavour profile of your coffee but does deliver sweetness throughout the drink instead of the ‘initial hit’ that you typically get from sugar. Just be careful if you go this way – unlike maple syrup bottles, honey jars are not designed for pouring!

Nearly thirty years after the Gold Blend Couple first became a part of every Briton’s life in the oft-imitated series of adverts that drew a nation of tea drinkers into the lives of two coffee-loving romantics, the facts don’t lie; 2.1 billion cups of coffee are consumed in Britain every year, and only 874 million cups of tea.

coffee cream

As much as ten years of adverts equating coffee with romance will have played a part in creating the coffee generation, franchises like Starbucks and Costa Coffee have also played a role. Today, coffee is more widely available than ever before across the UK and in greater variety. It’s possible now to educate yourself in different beans and blends no matter where in Britain you live, and that’s played a major role in the increasing popularity of coffee.

Another major factor, however, is that coffee machines have developed to the point where they deliver high quality coffee with a full-bodied aroma and a belt of coffee flavour to go with the caffeine, making them a top choice in drinks machines for offices, factory breakrooms, and showrooms alike.

At Nexus Drinks we’ve watched a nation of coffee drinkers discover the smooth taste of Klix and Flavia, Jura and WMF, and we’ve been as happy as each and every satisfied customer among them to see more and more of our customers discovering just how well machine-brewed coffee can compete with the barista experience now.

But help is also at hand for those of you who prefer a satisfying British cup of tea to an Americano or a macchiato – and from much the same places! Both Klix and FLAVIA systems offer plenty of options to those who want a cup of tea quickly, including well-known brands that have already earned our nation’s love.


It’s a safe bet that anyone reading this blog is aware of how good used coffee grounds are for composting, even if you’re not in a position to use them that way.

That’s become a factor, in some places, against adopting coffee machines; many of them have supplied pods in non-biodegradable materials like plastic, and the environmentally conscious coffee drinker will go to the extra effort with each cup so that they have composting material.

And that’s why, a little while ago, Keurig introduced biodegradable coffee pods. Now more of the pod can be broken down and composted with the rest, allowing us to have the convenience of coffee machines without the concern.

The Best is Yet to Come

Happily, it doesn’t stop there, either! A number of other coffee pod suppliers are developing fully-biodegradable containers which can be added to any food waste for recycling or put with your rose bushes to break down and be reborn in a more beautiful form even than fresh, full-flavoured coffee.

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) has already certified pods from Club Coffee, a major Canadian supplier, and is testing new lines from Dean’s Beans, Wolfgang Puck Coffee (backed by the legendary chef and restauranteur – you may know him as Gordon Ramsay’s culinary mentor, as seen on Hell’s Kitchen), and many others.

Where You Come In

Businesses in particular are in a position to make a real change for the better by moving to biodegradable and compostable pods.

By switching the coffee consumption of every individual working in your premises, collecting the pods, and arranging with a community organisation to deliver them to a project where they can do the most, it’s possible to reduce your environmental impact and strengthen bonds with your community simultaneously.

Allotments and park flower displays are equally worthy recipients, and taking the time to integrate more firmly with the people around you is a good step for any business. In all likelihood you can even arrange for a volunteer to collect the pods, making for an arrangement with no downsides.

Where We Come In

As you might expect from a company like Nexus Drinks, we’ve been monitoring this situation carefully. Like our customers, we’re keen to do supply coffee and other hot drinks in ways that have the greatest positive impact on the world around us, and we’re happy to discuss supplying you with appropriate pods whenever they’re available for your coffee machines – and to discuss coffee machines that will use biodegradable pods if you’ve decided to upgrade, or if knowing this has convinced you it’s time to move from time-consuming coffee brewing to these wonderful machines

The Fairtrade Foundation has become an icon of ethical coffee purchasing for over two decades. Founded in 1992, the Foundation has not only taken great strides in ensuring that coffee growers get a better deal, but also in raising people’s awareness of the ethical questions in their coffee purchasing.

However, in recent years, questions have been asked about just how well the Foundation has succeeded at its mission statement. There’s no doubt that it has helped, and each payment it makes to cooperatives of farmers does make a difference, but there have been some confusion about what proportion of each payment reaches the farmers supporting those cooperatives.

In any case, the Fairtrade Foundation operates in a way some would call ‘stopgap’; it still requires the Foundation, in London, to act as a broker for these cooperatives, and the bargaining power ultimately lies with them.

Whilst their achievements are very definitely worth celebrating, at Nexus we want to ensure that we are supporting long term solutions for coffee farmers. We want to help them help themselves so that everyone involved in the process can benefit.

That’s why most of our coffee is sourced through the Rainforest Alliance. While less well known, this newer organisation is working directly with the farmers to show them how to leverage their role in the industry for better bargaining that comes from them.

It’s the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching him to fish, and we’re proud to support the Rainforest Alliance in this important effort. We encourage you to join us and lend them your support too, and after all, in return?

You’ll get some excellent coffee.

The high street is a constantly evolving collection of outlets and shops which reflect the local consumers’ choices. This is why most main shopping areas in our towns and cities now have at least one coffee shop and most probably two or three. Even villages are following suit and providing the welcome haven of a coffee shop after a hectic car journey for stressed drivers.

Coffee shops, with their steaming, gurgling coffee machines, are great attractions for shoppers and businessmen alike and have become a popular place to meet friends and catch up on all the latest gossip. Shopping can be a tiring business and there’s nothing nicer than dumping your bags, ordering a coffee and relaxing.

Such is the popularity of coffee that the most unlikely places, such as garage waiting areas, are now installing vending machines which dispense hot Flavia coffee to their customers while they wait for their cars to be ready.

Coffee machines can be found in offices and form a meeting point for staff, who can take the opportunity to chat and relax for a few brief minutes in their busy working day. It is perhaps in the office environment that the kettle and tea trolley are most often being replaced and Flavia coffee introduced.

In fact, vending machines in schools are rapidly gaining in popularity and pupils can now buy cold drinks and snacks as well as cups of hot chocolate, tea, soup and Flavia coffee to warm them on cold days.

Many entrepreneurial people have included other attractions to draw the customers in. Combining good-quality drinks such as Flavia coffee with snacks is common, but adding a section in the shop where people can sit and read or borrow books is another good idea and is one which is proving amazingly popular.

This is especially so in rural communities, where accessing a library can be difficult. These little shops are great community assets which enable people to meet and socialise.

There are many ways of enjoying coffee and each is an individual choice. The great thing is you can choose freely from all that are available, so check out the choices and ask the experts here for advice and guidance.