The Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for Your Office

The Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for Your Office

Bean to cup coffee machines are as close as you’ll get to having a barista in your workplace without hiring one – and at a fraction of the cost!The Jura X3 is one of the best bean-to-cup coffee machines on the market.

If you want to impress customers, potential clients and visitors from Head Office, or if you know many of your team are united by a love for the best coffee, a bean to cup machine is a great way to make a statement. They will grind beans on demand, extract the coffee using high pressure, foam milk to your set temperature, fill the cup to a set level, even deposit the used grinds into a waste tray.

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Top Brand Bean to Cup Coffee Machines


WMF coffee machines have earned an impressive reputation over the six decades and more that the company has been producing them. The WMF Group itself dates back to the 1850s and has earned a worldwide reputation for excellent design and superior manufacturing quality. Like the other brands we offer, WMF machines are great looking as well as producing fantastic coffee.


Like WMF, Jura has established a pedigree in its coffee machines, which began as a sideline in the early 1980s and were so well-received that they have grown to become the company’s flagship product. Here at Nexus Drinks, we don’t think there’s any better indication of how good these Swiss coffee machines really are.


The VITRO range from Coffeetek are described as ‘the professionals’ coffee machines’. This ultra-modern line makes it easy for any user to get exactly the cup they want, drawing on thirty-plus years of Coffeetek’s experience in the market. This range is the best of British when it comes to a bean to cup coffee machine with all the benefits of using granulated semi- skimmed milk.

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