Flavia 500

The FLAVIA Creation 500: Coffee Shop Quality Without Coffee Shop Prices

The FLAVIA drinks system brings the coffee shop experience right to your desk – without the premium price you might expect. The FLAVIA Creation 500 is an office coffee machine designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of today’s workplace.

FLAVIA is a unique drinks system that offers a superb range of individually presented drinks to cater to all tastes, all sealed in unique FLAVIA filter packs, with the full aroma and freshness preserved until you select and freshly brew the drink of your choice. Great taste guaranteed, every time.


The Creation 500 offers hot drinks delivery 24/7, and, what’s more, your new coffee machine partner doesn’t even need to take a break.
FLAVIA provides you with a continuous delivery of the freshest, great tasting drinks, and with its impressively rapid start-up time, your first cup of the day is only seconds away.
FLAVIA’s innovative tank system ensures that water is heated to precisely the right temperature for the individual drink selected, ensuring that there is no unnecessary boiling. To top it all, just enough water is heated for a few hot drinks at a time. These energy savings aren’t just better for the environment; they can save your business money too.

An Impressive menu of drinks available to the Flavia 400 and 500 Coffee Machines

flavia drinks
Choose from one of the twelve different fresh ground coffees, including a full-bodied Espresso, a good strong Arabica, a medium strength Smooth Roast, or a Decaffeinated. Or maybe one of the real leaf teas such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast or the caffeine-free Raspberry Herbal. There’s even a smooth Hot Chocolate. And best of all, there’s a perfect FLAVIA cappuccino or Latte which rivals any coffee shop equivalent.

Flavia 400 and 500 Filter Packs

Making the perfect cup of great tasting coffee and tea couldn’t be easier with a convenient FLAVIA coffee maker.

The unique FLAVIA filter pack is the key to getting great taste, every time.

Each pack contains its own built in filter

The aroma and flavour of its fresh, natural ingredients are sealed in until the moment the filter pack is placed into the FLAVIA drinks system.
The drink is then freshly brewed into your cup.
In less than 30 seconds you’ll be enjoying a piping hot, fresh cup of tea, coffee or chocolate.
Flexible to meet your workplace needs
We have a complete range of accessories to complement your FLAVIA coffee machine. Suitable for any workplace environment.
The range includes base cabinets, drinks merchandiser and paypods for coin or token operation. The FLAVIA Creation 500 can be plumbed into a water supply for ease of use.

The Flavia Creation suits any environment

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