Bean to Cup vs. Flavia Machines

There’s been a lot of debate in recent years about the best kind of coffee machine for an office. Should you go with a bean to cup or a singles/capsules machine?

This is the sort of question that leads to bitter arguments in some offices. We often hear from companies looking to add a coffee machine to their breakroom. When they call, many of them ask us what the difference really is.

We thought we’d lay out the important differences to help you decide.

Bean to Cup Machines

Modern bean to cup machines are an automated version of barista coffee machines. The idea is to make them easier to operate. You load the machine with beans when required, select the program for the coffee you want, and wait. Don’t forget to add milk – fresh or powdered!

The machine grinds the beans and processes them. In due time you receive your espresso, cappuccino, Americano, etc. Each bean to cup machine has a slightly different selection of coffees it can be set to make.

Of course, the machine must be cleaned daily. This ensures the machine continues to operate at full efficiency.

Flavia/Single Serve Machines

Most modern singles/capsule machines are designed to support a major brand in UK drinks. Mars Drinks is especially active – and their machines are supported by a wide range of popular brands and drink flavours. Your team get a significant amount of choice and it’s easy to cater for everyone’s tastes. Tea lovers are well supported, too – you can do away with the kettle next to your drinks machine.

Perhaps best of all, though, the actual brewing takes place in the cup – meaning much less cleaning and maintenance is needed for the machine.

It’s certainly true that both types of machine have their fans – that’s why we stock both types! But it’s worth thinking carefully about which will improve the mood of the office, pros and cons considered.

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