Coffee Vs Tea – Why Choose?

Office vending machines can provide any hot drinks you need

No two days are ever the same so why should employees have to decide what they feel like drinking on any given morning or afternoon? The age-old coffee vs tea argument might have gained traction at offices in the past but nowadays people want choice. With modern office vending machines for your workplace, they can have just that.

Today’s office vending machines carry a wide variety of drinks so no office worker will ever feel left out in the break room. For example, the Flavia Creation 500l boasts an impressive 12 types of coffee and multiple real-leaf teas along with hot chocolate. This one vending machine can keep all of your employees happy when it comes to hot drinks.

The Drinks Selection for Office Vending Machines

Those that enjoy a coffee will love the rich notes that are presented here and will have as much variety as they would at a hip cafe, being able to choose from an espresso, cappuccino, americano, or latte among others. If it’s time for a tea break, there are also plenty of options. Decide between classic, herbal and decaf — all brewed with real tea leaves. Alternatively, chocoholics can indulge in a delicious cup of hot chocolate any time of the day.

Why Get An Office Vending Machine?

A hot drink is a simple thing that brings a little bit of joy to office workers all over the country. Providing hot drinks free of charge in the workplace, through office vending machines that provide a large assortment of choice, creates even more happiness. No matter what mood office workers are in, they’ll find a caffeinated hot drink in this workplace vending machine to put some pep in their step or a comforting mug of something to relax with while on a break. It’s easy to use, produces hot drinks quickly and is a modern piece of machinery that looks great in any office breakroom.

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