Bean to cup machines

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Fit for the Office

Jura GIGA X3Nexus Drinks has selected the very best bean to cup coffee machines, each with different features and automation.

Bean to cup machines are as close as you can get to a barista’s pump espresso machine without needing the same training and maintenance to operate. Also called super automatic bean to cup espresso machines, they use whole coffee beans instead of pre-ground, giving a fresher taste and inspiring the name.

A bean to cup machine will grind beans on demand, use high pressure to extract the coffee, foam milk at the set temperature, fill the cup to the desired level and automatically deposit the grinds in a waste tray.

Jura Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Jura’s designs focus on a reliable automation, needing only the push of a button to start and offering black coffees, rich espressos, frothy cappuccinos, creamy lattes and luxurious macchiatos. Each drink is brewed quickly and efficiently, so you can be drinking a rich, aromatic coffee in very little time.

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WMF Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

World leaders in bean to cup design, WMF offer the high-low combination; high quality and low maintenance, for the best of both worlds. Offering all options from Americano to Latte with Hot Chocolate as a surprising bonus, WMF machines can keep running steadily all around the clock.

The WMF Bistro is designed for hotels, airports, and the largest office buildings, keeping going for longer than a single barista could keep up with at a time. A more compact version, the WMF Presto, can provide up to 100 cups per day, making it great for most smaller workplaces.

WMF machines are highly dependable, delivering exactly the taste you want every time.

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