Bean to cup machines

Amazing results from bean to cup coffee machines

At Nexus you’ll find a range of bean to cup coffee machines each with different features and levels of automation.

Bean to cup coffee machines are the closest you can get to a professional pump espresso machine (the type seen in high street coffee bars) without any of the hassle of training staff or complex cleaning and maintenance. They provide the same features as the professional coffee machines at a touch of a button.

Bean to cup coffee machines (or super automatic bean to cup espresso machines) use whole coffee beans instead of pre-ground coffee which helps to give a fresher taste.

The bean to cup espresso machine grinds the coffee beans on demand, extracts the coffee under high pressure, foams milk to the desired temperature, fills the cup to the exact level and then automatically moves the coffee grinds into a waste tray.

Jura Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Jura manufacture bean to cup coffee machines that rival high street barista quality coffee, but only require the push of a button to take your order. From a traditional black coffee to a rich espresso, creamy latte or frothy cappuccino, Jura’s bean to cup coffee machines can handle your order with speed and efficiency to deliver a delicious drink at the end of it. Even more complex options such as macchiatos are available, and you know what you’re getting every time.

From fresh ground coffee straight to your cup, Jura knows exactly how to please.

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WMF Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

WMF are leaders in the world of bean to cup coffee machines, with options that are not only high quality, but also low maintenance, the best of both worlds. Offering all the options, from espressos and americanos to lattes, cappuccinos and even hot chocolates, WMF machines work full time around the clock, and never let you down.

Designed for use in the busiest spaces, such as airports, large office buildings and hotels, a WMF Bistro machine keeps going for longer than any barista could keep up with, and never lets the quality of coffee drop. For less intensive use, a WMF Presto machine is great for making up to 100 cups a day, ideal for smaller office environments and personal use.

Whatever you need, at any scale, a WMF bean to cup coffee machine will deliver exactly the drink you want, fresh from bean to your cup.

WMF Coffee Machines

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