What does my Business need?

There’s a lot of variety in the world of drinks machines – more than newcomers tend to imagine. It’s a competitive market, and even within one company’s remit there are still questions to answer.

When you first decide your place of work needs a drinks machine, there are a number of choices you need to make.

How Many Potential Users On Site?Lady Drinking Coffee

Whatever the case, only one machine is actually needed. However, bean-to-cup machines will need refilling much more regularly, so in a high-demand environment with many staff or customers wanting a coffee, you should consider the Flavia and Klix brands, while a smaller business with fewer cups likely to be dispensed each day may prefer a WMF or Jura bean-to-cup coffee machine.

Pound CoinsWill You Be Charging for Drinks?

Offering refreshing cups of coffee or tea free of charge is a great way to foster goodwill in customers and to really raise the morale of your employees, but obviously that comes at a price. Again, both Flavia and Klix can be fitted to charge for drinks if you’d prefer to make some money from your machine.

Tabletop or Free Standing?

Tabletop machines are often a better fit for existing space and may be more appropriate for use in a work canteen or other kitchen-style space, while freestanding machines often have a greater capacity. Only the Klix out of our range is free standing, while the others occupy varying amounts of tabletop space, with the WMF machines the most compact.

Instant CoffeeInstant Coffee or Fresh Ground?

We offer machines that provide both. The big names in instant coffee usually also offer teas, as Klix and Flavia do. However, WMF and Jura bean-to-cup machines provide that fresh ground flavour every time.

Plumbed in or Manual Water Fill?Water Droplet

Almost all machines we offer can be plumbed in, though in some cases an accessory kit must be bought to do so. However, most larger models really need to be plumbed in, and some cannot be used in manual fill mode. We recommend discussing your capacity needs with us for more advice on how best to handle this for your situation.

Coffee Beans CupWhat Kind of Business Are You?

We recognise that a factory’s needs are very different from those of an office, or a showroom, or any kind of eatery. Because of this, we’ve prepared guides on what to consider for each of these businesses, helping you assess which of these questions is most important, why, and how.

Do You Still Have Questions?

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