Klix Hot Drinks Machines Give Offices the UK’s Best Loved Brands

Klix Hot Drinks Machines from Lavazza

KLIX coffee machines provide a fantastic selection of hot and cold drinks 24 hours a day

KLIX hot drinks machines use the proprietary KLIX In-Cup technology to deliver the best hot and cold drinks possible.

High quality ingredients from market-leading brands of Lavazza are sealed directly into the cup. At the touch of a button, pure, clear BRITA filtered water is added at the required temperature. You don’t even need to stir!

All the action happens in the cup, with no staining, leftover residue, or other clean-up required. Your Lavazza KLIX machine is one of the easiest to clean and maintain on the market.

KLIX Momentum Vending Machines

The next generation on from KLIX Outlook, Momentum are KLIX vending machines with touchscreen operation and cashless, KLIXKEY, or coin operation. The Momentum works with both KLIX cup sizes; 7oz and 9oz.

These machines have a 17-second vending time.

Klix 450

The efficient, compact design of the KLIX 450 is perfect for the smaller office or workplace. You can select eight items from the KLIX drinks range and the machine will deliver 400 cups of In-Cup perfection at the touch of a button.

  • 8 Drink Selections
  • Brands you Know and Love
  • Easy Set Up with our Step by Step Guide
  • User Friendly
  • Fast Drinks Delivery