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Jura coffee machines are a modern showcase for Swiss craftsmanship. They’re famous for the quality of their coffee as well as their sleek, attractive lines. On top of that, the build quality is excellent. A JJuraura bean-to-cup coffee machine is dependable; if it’s not mistreated it’ll last and last.

For these reasons, plus their ease of use, they’re an excellent way for any business to offer employees the best in coffee, with all the morale improvement that suggests.

Nexus Drinks currently recommend and supply all Jura Professional machines. This includes the GIGA X3 and X3c Professional, the GIGA X8, X8 Professional, and X8c Professional, and the GIGA X9c Professional.
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Jura GIGA X3c Professional

A state of the art machine offering barista style coffee every time, the GIGA X3’s menu allows you to choose from 43 individual speciality coffees. Built in bean to cup technology ensures a full flavour and great aroma from every cup, whether a latte macchiato or a more traditional cappuccino.

The award-winning X3 Professional has the capacity and reliability to consistently service a large office, and with its coffee grounds disposal function and drip drain set, it’s one of the easiest of the bean-to-cup machines to clean and refill when needed.

The GIGA X3 is easy to use, even for those who haven’t had much experience with coffee machines before and produces a top-quality cup of coffee guaranteed to sate your taste buds at the push of a button, every single time.

Jura GIGA X9c ProfessionalThe JURA GIGA X9C is a fantastic bean to cup coffee machine

The GIGA X9 is the X3’s bigger brother. Boasting three thermoblocks and three pumps, it can offer a stunningly wide range of speciality coffees at the touch of a button.

It’s also designed to be extremely easy to clean, providing high hygiene standards which can be achieved with minimal effort. You can expect long intervals between the need for maintenance.

It also boasts extra features including a milk cooler and cup warmer, alongside the standard coffee grounds disposal function the X3 also boasts.

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