What’s the Best Replacement for Kenco Singles?

Make sure your office has a great replacement for its Kenco Singles machine

Making the Switch from Kenco Singles

There’s no denying the love that many of our long-term customers have had for Kenco Singles machines. And with good reason! Kenco Singles machines provide workplaces with great-tasting coffee and other drinks reliably and without mess. That on its own would be enough for offices up and down the UK, but it’s not all.

These coffees, teas and more were made by some of Britain’s best-loved brands. Losing out on your favourite brands of tea and coffee can be a wrench. We’ve spoken to many customers who wanted to keep their Kenco Singles machine running for as long as possible, and we’ve helped where we can.

We’ve also been helping other workplaces to make the switch. That’s why, as the last supplies of Kenco Singles capsules finally run out, we feel confident that we can offer good advice.

Weighing Your Options

What do you do when it’s finally time to replace a well-loved piece of office equipment? Some businesses want something as close to the old as possible. Others see it as an opportunity to upgrade.

In our experience, the upgrade which works best for the most customers has been the FLAVIA Creation 500 from Mars Drinks. We believe that that’s because it’s the best of both worlds.

You’ll see a lot that’s familiar in the way you operate the Creation 500. It, too, brews great-tasting coffee fast. It, too, operates with little to no mess. And it, too, offers a wide range of Britain’s favourite hot drinks.

At the same time, it’s an upgrade. The Creation 500 is a relatively new model, and it was designed by Mars Drinks in response to the market. All those little features that the Kenco Singles line was missing have been identified and added. You may not even have missed them – but once you have a FLAVIA 500, you’ll wonder how you managed without them.

There’s plenty more to mention – more than you’d want to read at one time. So why not contact us? We’ll be happy to listen to what you need and discuss solutions. You can rest assured that if you’re one of those rare Singles workplaces that wouldn’t suit a Creation, we’ll recommend you the machine you should have.

With over a quarter century of experience in the industry we’re confident we can help.