Make the Most of Your Office Breakout Area

Workplace Upstairs Cafe Area

More and more businesses across the UK are embracing the idea of the ‘breakout area’. A space where employees can shift gear, relax, and unwind as necessary, breakout areas build on the idea of the breakroom. They create a comfortable space, whether with or without walls around it, which team members can go to when they need to ‘break out’ of the standard working mentality.

Why are Breakout Areas Popular?

Because they represent a space that isn’t like the typical work desk, people think differently through them. You’ll hear a lot of laughter and see your team really open up in their body language. But you’ll also hear a lot of chatter about work.

It’s this altered headspace, with the feeling that usual working expectations don’t quite apply, that’s so useful. After all, that’s when people ‘think outside the box’. You’d be surprised at the problems that can be solved when people are chatting casually, not focusing on fixing them.

Coffee Break? Coffee Breakout!

Adding a coffee machine to your breakout area is sure to improve the atmosphere and energise your team. By delivering great bean-to-cup coffee or aromatic drinks from Britain’s favourite brands, you give your team incentive to breakout. You also fuel that creativity.

A half hour in the breakout area can produce ideas that might not come for days of focused trying elsewhere, so making it a place where employees want to be can really help.

Choosing Your Coffee Machine

We’ve put together a guide that uses our quarter-century of experience in the refreshments industry to help you choose the perfect coffee machine for your place of work. Don’t forget, though, that you can always also just ask us. We’re always happy to talk to any customer and we want you to be completely satisfied with your order.