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Vending Machines for your Workplace

Vending machines can be key to a happy, hard-working business environment, particularly if they serve tea or coffee.

Flavia Creation Vending MachineWith the right vending machine, you can give your staff on-the-spot refreshment, offer your visitors a great reception and perk up your customers. There’s no queueing in expensive coffee shops, no waiting for the kettle, just delicious hot drinks on tap.

A good quality vending machine is an asset, boosting productivity and giving your team a perk.

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Vending machines to suit your business

Variety in Vending Machines

Klix Momentum

Klix, Keurig, and the various FLAVIA vending machines offer a wide range of great tasting hot drinks.

A hot drink vending machine in your workplace means almost instantaneous coffee but at barista quality levels. It’s a great way to keep your employees happy and smiling, and the caffeine jolt can aid productivity too.

These machines can raise everyone’s mood without costing you more.

Make waiting in reception a much more comfortable experience with a delicious hot drinks machine or really show off your hospitality by offering clients, customers, and visitors a hot drink at the door.

Vending machines for meeting rooms, offices, & reception

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