Does a New Year Need a New Brew?

New years are all about new priorities; taking stock, assessing your business and your personal life, and making plans to better both.

Before you get too deep into complex plans to better your business, take a moment and ask yourself – are you missing something? Here at Nexus, we believe you are.

The Benefits of Good Coffee

Nobody will dispute that a jolt of caffeine at the right time creates a short-term productivity boost; that much is well documented.

But there is still something you might easily overlook that separates a cup of great-tasting, full-flavoured coffee with a heady aroma from a can of discount energy drink; the taste and the pleasure of drinking it.

Studies have shown that happier employees are more productive – and not by a little; results indicate the productivity boost is somewhere between 12 and 31% per happy employee, and the difference between the sour tang of taurine in the energy drink can and the smooth, delicious flavour of a strong coffee from a FLAVIA 500, Keurig, Jura or WMF company-scale coffee maker goes a long way toward making a happier employee on its own.

Knowing that the machine was put there by an employer who shows they value their staff also helps, and more than you might think – these seem like little things but their effects are cumulative.

A Small Change with a Big Result

A lot of productivity measures can strain the budget, even break the bank, but upgrading the team’s caffeine delivery system shows you care and benefits them in one fell swoop, lifting their overall mood, fostering loyalty, and raising productivity.

Better yet, it pays off long term, as every day for the year when they make a cup of coffee they’ll remember you took the extra step to make their lives better – giving you another precious jolt of productivity and morale to go with the caffeine’s own benefit.

Ringing in the new year with a new coffee machine is a simple but easily overlooked way to revolutionise your company’s performance. Don’t let it slip through the cracks!