Flavia Coffee is a great choice for autumn 2013

Now maybe the perfect time to equip your work space with a Flavia coffee machine. As the summer fades into autumn and temperatures begin to drop, both employees and visitors will be grateful to have easy access to a tasty and warming drink. The Flavia system is the perfect choice for offices, lobbies and other areas where people naturally gather. One of the key features of this top of the line vending machine is the impressive selection of drinks available in the brand convenient filter packs. Highlights of the range include hot chocolate, cappuccino and fruit teas including exotic chai.

Another side effect of autumn is the return of the talent contests to the television. With favourites such as X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing (sadly without our favourite Flavia Cacace this year), staff members will inevitably gather round on a Monday morning to discuss the shows events from the weekend. A Flavia drinks systems is a great solution to elongated morning brews, as each drink is ready within 30 seconds helping your staff get back to work as soon as possible.

These coffee vending machines are also great for environments such as showrooms and hotel lobbies, as the can be fitted with either a tank or they can be plumbed into the water supply for a long term solution. Flavia coffee machines also come with the option of adding a paypod to your machine. Enabling the option to provide quality drinks to clients and staff, while recouping the costs.

For more information about the Flavia coffee system and all things related to vending machines, get in touch with Nexus Drinks. We have a range of great beverage solutions including Coca-Cola vending, water coolers and an extensive selection of other drinks machines. Or if you are looking for an all-weather solution then why not take a look at our range of hydro taps. These taps feature instant hot and cold water with the additional option of built in sparkling water. The Vi Tap comes complete with safety and waste reducing features such as anti-leak detection which protect both your staff and reduces costs.