Flavia Coffee Machines

Nexus Drinks supply Flavia coffee machines to businesses across the UK. We make it easy to provide your staff with barista style coffee no matter how many people you employ. Every cup is brewed in seconds and every cup tastes delicious. As an added bonus, our Flavia coffee machines don’t just make coffee. They also brew delicious hot chocolate and speciality teas. No matter what you drink it comes supplied in its’ own individual pack, sealed for flavour and with a built in filter. Among the machines we supply are the following:

Flavia 200

flavia 200

If you employ between 15 and 40 people then these are the Flavia coffee machines you’re looking for. The Flavia 200 is stylish and effective, with an internal filter that can handle 1600 cups. Although it’s small enough to fit neatly in any office, the Flavia 200 lacks nothing in power and delivery. Flick the switch and you’ll have your cup of delicious drink in 40 to 60 seconds.

Flavia Creation 500

Flavia 500

These Flavia coffee machines deliver cup after cup of delicious drink throughout the working day. Press the button and the internal tank heats the water to exactly the right temperature. Seconds later you’ll be enjoying your drink. As if working this quickly wasn’t enough, the Flavia Creation 500 also offers the energy saving bonus of only ever heating up as much water as you need. Cut your electricity bill and help the environment when you use this Flavia coffee machine.

Flavia Barista


The Flavia Barista is a truly stylish Flavia coffee machine that will blend seamlessly into any modern office space. If needed it can be plumbed in for extra convenience, and once it’s up and running the next cup of delicious tea, coffee or chocolate is just a few seconds away.

The Nexus Drinks Ethos

We work in an ethical manner to provide state of the art Flavia coffee machines. This means that we:

  1. Deal in Fairtrade ingredients
  2. Purchase Rainforest Alliance certified Tea and Coffee
  3. Supply recyclable cups and energy efficient machines

If you want to find out more about Flavia coffee machines then get in touch with us today.