Beat the winter chill in the office

The winter weather can see a drop in the office mood which can often mean a drop in performance. Let’s face it, no body is a fan of the alarm going off, pulling yourself out of the warm duvet whilst it’s still dark outside and the rain pelts against the window. Well the reality is there are many more months of it to come! Beat the winter blues this year and keep your staff on top of their game with vending machines from nexus drinks. The winter mornings will be a lot more bearable if your staff will be coming out of the rain into the warmth to a piping hot, coffee shop standard cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

At Nexus drinks we pride ourselves on our top quality, delicious flavia coffee collection. With a warm cup of flavia coffee in their hand, there will be no more numb fingertips in the office after the winter morning rush to work. Your staff will go from chilly and shivering, to warm, soothed and ready for the day ahead with just one click. We think our vending machines really are the perfect way to kick start the day. If there is a drop and slide in performance throughout the mid-morning and afternoon, restore their energy and motivation with one click of the vending machine and a caffeine boost.

With flavia coffee from our vending machines, getting out of bed will no longer be such a challenge this winter. Your staff will be eager to get to work and start the working day with a welcoming cup of coffee. With all the quality and taste of the coffee shop but the convenience of vending machines, Nexus Drinks are the clear choice this winter. There will be no need for your staff to stop off for decent coffee at the nearby coffee shop making the morning beverage collection a much easier and time efficient process! There won’t be the queues, waiting around and expensive prices that come with the coffee shops!

Vending machines from Nexus Drinks really are the perfect way to warm up the atmosphere of your office this winter. You can show your staff you value their hard work by rewarding them with vending machines that provide perfect, aromatic and rich coffee in just one click. Standard hot drinks will be a thing of the past. When staff see rewards, they are more likely to give more back to the office. It will be hard for anyone to still feel the winter chill whilst sipping on a hot cup of flavia coffee.

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