Why are vending machines ideal for a busy salon?

It is common practice within salons throughout the UK to be offered a hot drink during your appointment. Getting pampered in a salon is often a special treat for many people throughout the United Kingdom and having a refreshing cup of tea or coffee can enrich this experience further. However, appointment times are generally restricted and so waiting for the kettle to boil can eat into precious pampering time. Vending machines (especially smaller models such as the Flavia coffee range) are a brilliant alternative for many reasons. Here at Nexus drinks, we are going to give a brief overview why.

Time saving

As we have mentioned previously, with vending machines you do not need to wait for the kettle to boil. You can simply press the appropriate button and the machine will do the rest in a matter of seconds.


Coffee machines are generally associated with professional environments therefore this is the impression that such a machine is likely to provide to your salon. By providing your clients with a variety of high quality fresh brew coffees or leaf teas at the touch of a button, you give an impressive reception whilst giving your clients a first class service.


As well giving a professional image, coffee machines are also tidier. You no longer need unhygienic shared jars of tea, coffee and sugar. Instead, you simply need to fill the machine with the appropriate refills from popular brands such as Klix, Kenco, Maxpax and Flavia. While our machines can’t make drinks un-spillable, they do reduce the general levels of mess associated with making brews in any volume.


Our vending machines all provide quality fresh brew coffee, hot chocolate or leaf tea at the touch of a button and can be serviced in a coffee shop style paper disposable cup or even a choice of china cups.


From one of our speedy and reliable vending machines, you can provide your clients with a wide range of drink options, including Kenco, Flavia and Kenco Singles.

For more information on any of other vending machines, please visit our website. If you require any further advice and guidance, please contact our team who will be more than happy to assist.