Is Brazilian Coffee Simply the Best for Vending Machines?

There’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil, or so the song would have us believe. But what makes this South American country such a success in the coffee-growing stakes? And is it as good as we are led to believe when you get it from vending machines?



Brazil is one of the world’s major producers of coffee, vying with neighbour Colombia and the Ivory Coast in Africa. It produces around a third of all the coffee drunk in the world today and supplies the fragrant coffee bean to processors, where it is either ground or roasted.



The coffee plant is not a native of Brazil, being introduced there by Francisco de Melo Palheta in 1727. However, it flourished on the frost-free hillsides of the Brazilian state of ParĂ¡ and was soon introduced to other parts of the country.



Europe was slower to catch on to this new drink, but soon coffee houses were springing up in all the major cities and it rapidly became very fashionable to drink it.



Nowadays, coffee shops on high streets are every bit as popular as they were in 18th-century London. The love affair with coffee has endured and whether the attraction is the stimulating caffeine content or simply the depth and quality of the flavour is unknown. Coffee is available served and brewed in so many ways, often with alcohol added, that most people have a favourite which they drink on a regular basis, whether it’s from a vending machine or a cafetiere.



Coffee machines have brought good-quality coffee to the masses. The espresso machine as we know it was invented by an Italian, Achille Gaggia, in 1945 and different varieties and designs were developed after that.



The vending machine has proved to be indispensable in workplaces, where employees are able to have a quality, full-flavoured cup of coffee from the various types of coffee machines available. Many vending machines such as Flavia machines make each cup individually. There’s a wide selection of different types of coffee available, ensuring full flavour every time and guaranteeing that there is something to suit everyone.



Decaffeinated coffee is a popular choice in the modern world as people think more and more about healthy options and this is shown in the choices of coffee made available from Flavia machines.


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