Nexus look at the more eccentric vending machines that exist.

Here at Nexus Drinks, we sell top quality vending machines suitable for the workplace, reception area, restaurants, pubs and more. Our blog has been following stories and news releases for a long time now but still we still find some of the items on offer in countries, such as Japan, truly astonishing. Years ago, you were more than likely to use a vending machine for a quick snack or beverage but these days it can be quite surprising to see the sorts of items that can now be purchased here.

Japan takes top place for the variety and quantity of strange items available. Bottled sweat, single cigarettes, groceries, video cameras, bananas, eggs, Ikea spare parts, a smart car and, quite conveniently, flowers for when you have forgotten a special day or birthday – all can be obtained from stand-alone vending machines.

Equipment selling strange items is not only popular in Japan but North America is also embracing the world of eccentric vending items. One of the more convenient are the fishing bait vending machines – fishermen do tend to go out to catch their fish at strange hours of the night and at this point bait shops are generally closed so, in a way, it makes sense; what’s more, they can provide both live and frozen bait (in Nanging, China where live hairy crabs are a delicacy, you can even purchase the crabs live from a vending machine).

Some are quite controversial and have caused a stir amongst the public. For example in Philadelphia a vending machine selling the morning after pill at the university campus in Pennsylvania prompted much debate and even an investigation.

The Hudsen Hotel in New York stock convenient luxuries for guests in their vending equipment including designer jewellery and clothing, 24 carat gold handcuffs, an $8000 photo shoot with a celebrity photographer and a $10,000 Ferrari rental!

As further evidence of their capacity for luxury, in LA the first ever caviar vending machine was recently launched for the wealthy business man on the run. It stocks caviar from all over the world and also offer other gourmet items such as truffles, escargot, Bottarga blinis, gourmet salts and caviar accessories. Amazingly, these aren’t even new – apparently they appeared in Moscow over 2 years ago!

Whilst they may be less wacky, Nexus vending machines are still ideal for the workplace, meeting room and reception area and will provide your staff, colleagues and visitors with a range of hot delicious beverages. For more information, visit the website today.