Boost morale in the office with one of our vending machines

If you are currently thinking of ways to improve or simply maintain the level of staff morale in your company then look no further than our clever range of vending machines that we believe that they can have significant impact on a working environment, the ethos of your company and even productivity levels.

Whether you’re thinking small scale with the likes of table-top coffee machines or larger scale ‘in-cup’ technology machines with self-cleaning action, the main things to think about when picking suitable vending machines is the size (for a very small office, space is in high demand and you will be unlikely to want to compromise a lot of it) and budget (at Nexus Drink systems we pride ourselves on having a varied price range to suit every wallet).

We stock a massive range of vending machines but a few examples that we feel are appropriate to the work place stretching from small table top coffee makers provide luxury coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos, are perfect for a show room or boardroom or a very small scale office. Our Larger Coffee machines work well for larger office spaces yes, but also warehouse spaces and open plan areas and then of course we have the in-cup technology which guarantee delicious, freshly-made drinks (not just coffee!) that include many well-known brands including Nescafe Gold Blend, Kenco, Maxwell House and many more with the added bonus feature of a self-cleaning function which will minimise its operating time drastically.

So whatever the size of your business is you are looking to give your employees a boost in morale, team spirit and of course a little caffeine, why not take a look at our collection of appropriate vending machines online we are sure that you will find a model to match your needs and your you budget, all of our drinks dispenses are well priced and on top of that good value for money due to their durability. Should you need a little extra help differentiating between models and makes do feel free to contact us with any queries or for further information.