Coffee or Tea? With vending machines, you don’t have to choose

Coffee or Tea? With vending machines, you don’t have to choose

Employers looking to provide hot drinks for employees while optimizing employee satisfaction, look no further. With so many different drink options, it can be difficult to know what employees in an office setting prefer to drink during the workday, so why not offer a variety? Modern day vending machines offer hot drinks such as coffees, teas and other specialty drinks sure to please any palate. For a great variety that is great for the workplace and energy efficient, the Flavia Creation 400 really has it all.

For coffee drinkers, the Creation 400 really covers all of its bases. The system utilises the Alterra Coffee Roasters brand, whose packets contain both the coffee and the filters needed for brewing. There are more than ten coffees to choose from, ranging from light and smooth, medium and balanced, medium and bright, dark and intense, and flavoured and decaffeinated. This office drinks dispenser will be sure to keep everyone awake and on task and satisfy any coffee lover’s tastes.

Tea drinkers will not be disappointed with this vending machine’s tea varieties. With four kinds of black tea, including decaf, three herbal infusion teas, and two green teas to choose from, no one will be left wanting. The Flavia Creation 400 system employs The Bright Tea Co. for all of their teas, a new brand launched by Mars Drinks in 2010.

Lastly, these hot drink machines also offer specialty drinks. These can be a nice pick-me-up and break from the ordinary in the workplace when an employee has had a particularly long day. The options are a cappuccino/latte swirl, Mars Swirl, and Galaxy hot chocolate. The hot chocolate would be especially enjoyable on a cold winter’s day.

The government has been asked to make an exception for cranberry juice in its assessment of these school vending machines. It has been pointed out that cranberries also have a role to play in combating urinary-tract issues and may also have the potential to fight cancer.

Interested in having one of these machines in your office? The machine has settings to be free of charge for users, or require compensation to help buy back some of the cost. There is also a water pump system option so that users do not have to manually pour their water into the machine. Visit Nexus Drink Systems Limited’s website to enquire and get a quote for your office.