Enjoying Flavia coffee at work? Why beans are winning!

Changing trends at work

So how did we move from being a nation of tea-drinkers, to a nation of fine coffee lovers? Most of us are now used to having refreshments on demand. And yet, the old-fashioned traditions of tea ladies, mid-morning trolley runs and staff canteens are rapidly disappearing, as office space becomes ever-more expensive and support services are outsourced. Self-service is also increasingly popular, reflecting our desire to eat when we wish (and when our working patterns allow), enjoying high quality food and drink on the run.

As a result, we have seen a significant rise in the number of vending machines and Flavia coffee making machines in the workplace, together with offerings from other brands. These have been accompanied by hot water boilers and mixed beverage units, providing other hot drinks such as tea, hot chocolate and soup. On-demand drinks are ideal for meetings, gatherings of an informal nature and simply as an opportunity to escape the desk for a few minutes and benefit from a change of scene.

Why coffee machines?

Britain is becoming increasingly sophisticated in its tastes, reflecting influences from European, Arabic and other global locations. These have brought us into contact with new flavours, foods and their associated producers. Flavia is one such brand, providing high quality coffee machines for the office environment and allowing staff to pick their favourite coffee blends and enjoy them on the go. No more queues for lukewarm coffee flavoured water at the cafeteria.

It is far more satisfying for staff to offer contractors or customers a decent cup of Flavia or other branded coffee from a high-quality espresso machine. Contrast this with the experience of stirring a mug of unrewarding instant granules. Expectations are rising and the range of products is evolving accordingly.

The trend towards high quality coffee and accompanying snacks in the office through the use of the latest generation of vending machines is equally good news for employers. Costs are minimised through a self-service, automated approach in sharp contrast with the traditional need to hire serving staff or external caterers. On-site machines also reduce working time lost through trips to the nearby coffee shop.

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