Enjoy premium drinks with the Flavia drinks system.

Enjoy premium drinks with the Flavia drinks system

It can be difficult to recreate the drinks you enjoy from the barista at your local coffee shop, as vending machines so often disappoint. Not so with the Flavia drinks machine, a premium quality design which uses only the finest ingredients to make beverages for all to enjoy on a morning break in the office. The daily runs to the coffee shop can be expensive but with the Flavia Creation 400 you can enjoy coffee shop quality with ease and convenience and without the coffee shop prices.

The Flavia Creation 400 was specifically designed for the office environment. It provides a wide range of beverages with minimal fuss and cleaning up. The drinks all come in individual filter packs which ensure that each drink is fresh, flavourful and give off a tempting aroma during creation.

Working on the basis that any office will have peak demand periods, the machine has been designed to ensure a quick start up and delivery time, minimising the otherwise inevitable queue for refreshments. It employs a tank system in which the water is heated to the optimal temperature for the specific drink selected.

With ever greater focus on environmental issues, the system conserves energy by boiling only the quantity of water that is necessary. The machine can also be plumbed into a water supply, removing the time and resource costs associated with re-filling.

Staff will be spoilt for choice with the range of beverages that come with the machine. More flexible than traditional coffee machines, the Flavia can offer ten different types of fresh ground coffee, giving plenty of variety for the coffee connoisseur.

These include a smooth roast, strong Arabica, a frothy cappuccino and an espresso full of body and aroma. There is also a decaffeinated coffee. Other team members may appreciate the wide range of teas including English Breakfast, Earl Grey and fruit teas, together with a wonderfully rich and decadent hot chocolate.

Please explore our website for more information as to the advantages of the Flavia Creation 400 in the workplace. The system comes with a range of accessories to fulfil a variety of customer needs, for example base cabinets and paypods for coin or token operation. To find out more, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to answer any questions.