Order Early to Beat the (Caffeine) Rush

Time to Think It Over

Off the back of the hottest July on record and a similarly scorching August, it may seem too early to be thinking about winter.

On the other hand, here at Nexus Drinks we remember that getting our new office fans back in April ahead of the rush turned out to be a great idea – because once the temperature really started to hit those dizzying heights, they just flew off the shelves.

Did your office miss out? Were you trapped in a showroom without air conditioning? Turning it around for a moment, are you worried that your warehouse breakroom will be freezing in the winter months? Is your pub ready to serve winter warmers to those who want them, or are you going to be hoping to make do with cold drinks alone?

Back to School

They don’t call the start of a new school year Winter Term for nothing. As September starts we seem a comfortable four months from Christmas – but it’s the perfect time to address your winter beverage needs.

Here at Nexus Drinks we know that coffee is a workplace staple all year round, but we also know that it’s taken much more seriously and brewed much more often in winter months – and if you’ve been wondering whether you should upgrade to the beautiful aromas and full flavours available for FLAVIA or Klix coffee machines, this is the perfect opportunity.

Make your company’s coffee stand out from the rest this winter. Get in touch today and we can provide the perfect coffee machine for you.