Weird and wonderful vending machines

At Nexus Drinks we are all about vending machines and particularly coffee machines featuring brands such as Flavia and Kenco, but across the pond there are some weird and wonderful vending machines that we feel are particularly noteworthy.

Where else would you expect to find some of the world’s most brilliantly bizarre vending machines than in “The Entertainment Capital of the World” – Las Vegas. Amid the copious casinos and numerous lavish hotels you will find vending machines selling items that range from candyfloss (aka cotton candy) to Gold Nuggets (should you win big in the casino). Should you wish you could also purchase luxury items from designers such as Lancôme, Smashbox even some stylish headphones such as Beats by Dr Dre! During a visit to Las Vegas, should you choose to pop the question to your other half while in the wonderful city then you would be able to add a bunch of fresh flowers to your proposal via a vending machine! If you’re also looking to pick up some electrical items, why queue in a shop when you can pick up items such as iPods and cameras from a conveniently located vending machine!? One for the ladies in particular is next on our list of weird and wonderful vending machines, ever been on a night out and those killer heels really do turn into killers for your feet? Well, fear not, in Las Vegas there is a vending machine selling shoes that fit in your handbag! What more could you want at the end of a night out? Finally, if you are feeling like you should add a little culture to your trip why not pick up a piece of art form the Art-o-mat vending machine, the philosophy behind this crazy idea, actually isn’t that crazy as it is designed to allow for art to be accessible to all. For just $5 you will receive a boxed piece of art created by an independent artist.

Here at Nexus Drink our vending machines may only offer refreshments, but simply consider how an office environment can be improved with a vending machine offering delicious coffee from a brand such as Flavia. Flavia offer coffee shop quality from their vending machines, without coffee shop prices! What more could you want for your office? From more information on the products and services available from Nexus Drinks, please call our experienced team on 01706 868 500.