Coffee Pod Composting

It’s a safe bet that anyone reading this blog is aware of how good used coffee grounds are for composting, even if you’re not in a position to use them that way.

That’s become a factor, in some places, against adopting coffee machines; many of them have supplied pods in non-biodegradable materials like plastic, and the environmentally conscious coffee drinker will go to the extra effort with each cup so that they have composting material.

And that’s why, a little while ago, Keurig introduced biodegradable coffee pods. Now more of the pod can be broken down and composted with the rest, allowing us to have the convenience of coffee machines without the concern.

The Best is Yet to Come

Happily, it doesn’t stop there, either! A number of other coffee pod suppliers are developing fully-biodegradable containers which can be added to any food waste for recycling or put with your rose bushes to break down and be reborn in a more beautiful form even than fresh, full-flavoured coffee.

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) has already certified pods from Club Coffee, a major Canadian supplier, and is testing new lines from Dean’s Beans, Wolfgang Puck Coffee (backed by the legendary chef and restauranteur – you may know him as Gordon Ramsay’s culinary mentor, as seen on Hell’s Kitchen), and many others.

Where You Come In

Businesses in particular are in a position to make a real change for the better by moving to biodegradable and compostable pods.

By switching the coffee consumption of every individual working in your premises, collecting the pods, and arranging with a community organisation to deliver them to a project where they can do the most, it’s possible to reduce your environmental impact and strengthen bonds with your community simultaneously.

Allotments and park flower displays are equally worthy recipients, and taking the time to integrate more firmly with the people around you is a good step for any business. In all likelihood you can even arrange for a volunteer to collect the pods, making for an arrangement with no downsides.

Where We Come In

As you might expect from a company like Nexus Drinks, we’ve been monitoring this situation carefully. Like our customers, we’re keen to do supply coffee and other hot drinks in ways that have the greatest positive impact on the world around us, and we’re happy to discuss supplying you with appropriate pods whenever they’re available for your coffee machines – and to discuss coffee machines that will use biodegradable pods if you’ve decided to upgrade, or if knowing this has convinced you it’s time to move from time-consuming coffee brewing to these wonderful machines