Fairtrade Coffee

Coffee Beans from Fair Trade and the Rainbow Alliance

Fair Trade coffee and tea for pour and serve systems

Fair Trade Coffee

Nexus are national providers of Fair Trade coffee beans, ground and instant coffee, tea bags and hot chocolate.

Nexus provide a carefully selected blend of medium roasted beans, ideal for drinking all day. Our raw products are dealt with through the Fairtrade Organisation. This guarantees the growers a better deal. Growers sell their produce to the Fairtrade Organisation, the processing companies buy the products through the Fairtrade Organisation who then issue guidelines on the records that need to be kept.

Our Coffee Beans

Fair trade coffee beansOur coffee beans are purchased from all around the world. The Nexus Drinks Systems roaster is registered in this country with the Fairtrade organisation. Very strict records are kept of the
quantity of raw material used the weight once it is roasted and how many packs are produced in accordance with the guidelines issued by the organisation. This allows the calculation of the monetary value to go back to the countries of origin.

Rain Forest Alliance

Rain Forest Alliance LogoNexus also buy Rainforest Alliance certified Tea and Coffee. Certification involves a holistic approach, treating environment, ethics and economics equally. To meet the standards, farmers must commit to continuous improvements in worker welfare, farm management and environmental protection. Farmers learn how to improve their productivity and reduce costs by reducing pesticide use, eliminating waste and introducing better farming techniques. Workers earn decent wages and have access to good housing, education and healthcare. And the environment on which these farmers depend is protected.

The green, carbon friendly and healthy alternative for cold drinks vending

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