French Bread Vending Machine

News of a novel vending machine in France has emerged. To satisfy their hunger for fresh baked goods, the French have vending machines that bake a fresh baguette in 90 seconds!

Here in the United Kingdom, the oddest vending machines that we get tend to be the sort in Airports that sell things like cameras and MP3 players. We don’t really get any of the truly disgusting ones like the Chinese vending machine that sells live crabs. A strange vending machine has now surfaced in France that sells something I would like to see in UK machines – fresh baked bread.

Fresh baked bread isn’t something we get a lot of in my area, the stores tend to bake once per day so if you get there too late it’s as cold had hard as a loaf wrapped in plastic. The French on the other had have a machine that you can slip a coin into and 90 seconds later the thing pops out a nice fresh baguette.

The photographer who took the photo says that the taste and texture won’t be putting any bakeries out of business soon, but I bet it tastes better than the fresh bread.