Coffee Makes Life Last Longer

We’re still sorting through the research here at the Nexus Drinks offices, but there’ve been a whole flurry of studies on coffee recently – so we thought we’d look through them and give you a quick report on the benefits Nexus Drinks can offer your workforce.

Coffee Can Cut Down Type 2 Diabetes

Long-term studies show that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes. The results of this research came as a slight surprise to the team that carried it out, but reduced blood sugar and insulin levels cut down key risk factors. Please note – once you have Type 2 Diabetes, coffee isn’t a cure-all on its own.

Coffee Can Extend Your Life

Studies from Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Southampton have all recently linked coffee to preventing liver cancer – or purely to extending your life; the Cambridge study suggests that your risk of dying early is 12% lower at one coffee a day and 18% lower at three.

Cambridge Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter translates that to around 9 minutes of extra life per cup of coffee on average.

There Are Other Benefits

A recent summary at sums it up: There are a baker’s dozen of under-recognised health benefits emerging from research into coffee drinking, from reducing the risk of Parkinson’s and cirrhosis to making some cancers less likely.

Not only that, but in a typical Western diet your coffee is your biggest and best source of antioxidants – so as well as long-term preservation of life and quality of life, you’re getting a heap of smaller benefits to each day, which all adds up.