Replacements for Your Kenco Singles Machines

The Kenco Singles line of coffee machines produced some of the most popular hot drinks machines in offices and workplaces up and down the country.

After the line was discontinued, we at Nexus Drinks continued to support businesses with Kenco Singles machines, supplying drink capsule refill packs to keep well-loved coffee on the desks of hard workers across the country.

But while these machines are hard-wearing and durable, it’s time now to make the transition to a new machine with ongoing support.

We Recommend the FLAVIA Creation Series

The FLAVIA range of coffee machines, produced to support Lavazza’ wide range of Britain’s best-loved hot drinks brands, are the perfect next machines.

The ideal combination of practicality and value, FLAVIA hot drinks machines can handle coffees of all types and produce drinks in seconds. It’s easy to get a cup of something warm and delicious onto every co-worker’s desk during break!

Lavazza brands include a wide range of coffees with different flavours and strengths. You can also order a variety of teas (including green tea and even some herbal blends).

If you’d like to know more – and to decide which FLAVIA machine is right for you – please get in touch. We’ll listen to your situation and give you the benefit of over 25 years’ industry experience to pick out what’s best for you.