Office Coffee Machines {LOCATION}

{When looking for the right coffee machine|When searching for the perfect coffee machine|When looking for the best coffee machine|When considering which coffee machine is best} for your workplace, there {is often a much larger range of options|are often more options|is a wider selection to choose from|are more things to consider} than many would anticipate. We’ve been supplying office coffee machines {LOCATION}-wide and nation-wide for over 25 years, at Nexus Drinks we are here to {help|assist|support}.

We have supplied {businesses|companies} of all sizes and from {a variety|an array|a spectrum} of industry sectors. It is because of this that we have got the {experience|knowledge|capability} required to {tailor|fit|match} your {choice|selection} of coffee machine to your office.

Our mission for {LOCATION}-based businesses

The Nexus mission is to {bring the coffee shop experience|bring the artisan café experience|translate the coffee shop experience} to the office with machines that are {easy to use|simple to use|easy to work|simple to work}. Businesses, both in {LOCATION} and across the UK, have {benefited from|been aided by|been helped by} our {advice-giving|genuinely consultative|helpful} approach. As {an experienced supplier|experienced suppliers|a knowledgeable supplier|knowledgeable suppliers} of office coffee machines {LOCATION}-wide, we offer {professional advice|specialist advice|advanced guidance} and guarantee machines that {require minimal fuss|benefit your workspace| provide outstanding coffee for your business}.

Our mission is not only to be {conscious|considerate|understanding} of each workplace’s {needs|requirements} but also to be {mindful|aware|cognisant} of the {impact|effect|influence} of industry on people and the environment. {It is because of this that|As a result of this,|This is why} we work ethically with The Rainforest Alliance and the Fairtrade Organisation when supplying coffee machines to {LOCATION}-based offices.

Which coffee machine is right for your workplace?

{Adding a|The addition of|The inclusion of} a coffee machine to your workspace can have {positive effects on|beneficial outcomes for|rewarding outcomes for|rewarding effects on} your business by {energising|stimulating|motivating} your team along with your customers. {Knowing which one to choose|Making this decision|Deciding which machine is best for your office}, however, can be both a difficult and time-consuming task.

This is why Nexus Drinks offers a range of options, from our bean-to-cup machines to our capsule, sachet and in-cup delivery systems – such as Mars’ FLAVIA machines. These machines are {perfect|brilliant|well-rounded|great} for most offices as they are {easily refillable|quickly refillable|simple to refill} and stock Britain’s favourite coffee brands, Kenco and Lavazza, along with other much-loved hot drinks, such as Yorkshire Tea and Mars drinks.

{Varied|Lots of|Plenty of} options are {crucial when selecting|important when choosing|essential when picking|key when choosing} a coffee machine for a team with {a range of tastes|variety of preferences|differing tastes}, but it is also worth {considering other factors|thinking about other elements|contemplating other aspects|thinking about other factors}. We have created a more in-depth guide to help you in {working out|deciding} which machine is {right for you|best for your workplace|ideal for your office|right for your business}.

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We would like to ensure that you {receive expert advice|have professional advice at your disposal|are able to get a professional opinion|are able to get expert advice} when looking for a machine for your office. Feel free to fill out the enquiry form below with your information and message, then simply press ‘submit’ or you can email us at [email protected].

{If you would prefer to|If you would like to |If you want to|If you would rather} speak to one of our {enthusiastic|knowledgeable} team members directly, you can call us on 0800 3357 500 where we are {more than happy to answer|eager to answer|looking forward to answering} any questions you might have.