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Are you looking for a coffee machine for your {LOCATION}-based business or workplace? Find out more about the different options available and find the one that is right for you.

Coffee machines {are becoming an increasingly common feature in|are now found frequently within|have become commonplace in} most workplaces. Whilst {we all love coffee|coffee is loved by all}, everyone has different {requirements|tastes|preferences}. This is why, at Nexus, we {have offered a wide range|have supplied a broad range|have supplied a wide range} of options to {LOCATION}-based businesses and homes {for the past|over the last|over the past} 25 years.

Whether you are {looking|searching} for a machine that {will provide you with an extensive selection|can provide a variety|can provide an extensive selection} of hot drinks or just a quick cup of quality coffee to {get your day started|begin your day|start your day}, we {have you covered|can help}.

What coffee machine options are there?

The Flavia 500 is our most popular coffee machineWhilst you {may have heard|may be relatively familiar with} the coffee machine terms ‘single-serve’ and ‘bean to cup’, it is often not {very clear|obvious|apparent} how they {actually differ|are different} from one another or their {benefits|advantages|individual features}.

The {crucial|key} difference in each machine’s function is that bean to cup, as the name {suggests|might suggest|indicates}, is {loaded|filled} with beans which are then ground and brewed, whilst single-serve machines provide a {range|variety|broad selection} of hot drinks one capsule at a time. Having {supplied|provided} {coffee|hot drinks} dispensers to {LOCATION} and beyond for many years, we {are aware of|understand|are knowledgeable of} the myths that surround coffee machines.

{This is why|It is because of this that} we believe it is {important|vital|crucial} for our customers to {understand|know about|consider} their options before committing to one.

Should I buy a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

The first, and most {frequently|often|regularly} misunderstood, of these two popular {hot drinks dispenser|coffee dispenser|coffee machine} options is the bean to cup coffee machine.

Despite being {capable of serving|able to serve|able to provide} {a brilliant|an incredible} cup of coffee, the maintenance and training {required|needed} for bean to cup machines is often {underestimated|undervalued}. Unlike the {expensive|costly|pricey} steam arm coffee machines {frequently|often|commonly} {found|used} in cafés which use removable group heads for brewing ground coffee, bean to cup machines brew internally. This means that {the vast majority|most} of bean to cup models need to be {taken apart|disassembled} and cleaned properly to remove used coffee grounds and {ensure|guarantee} quality.

So, {whilst these machines can provide|despite these machines brewing|despite these machines providing} some of the best cups of coffee for homes and workplaces in {LOCATION}, it is worth {being aware|noting|being knowledgeable} that this {is only possible if looked after|requires regular maintenance}.

Should I buy a single-serve coffee machine?

Single-serve machines, {particularly|especially} such as our bestselling Flavia coffee machines, are the other popular {option|hot drinks dispenser|coffee machine} that we frequently supply around {LOCATION}.

These capsule-based {hot drink dispensers|hot drink machines} are used by many due to their {versatility|wide range of options|broad range of drinks} and their convenience, {requiring no training and minimal maintenance|not requiring any training and very little maintenance|requiring a very small amount of maintenance and no training}. Single-serve machines are also {great at|brilliant for} providing a {wide range|broad selection|variety} of the UK’s favourite hot drinks brands, such as Mars, Kenco, and Yorkshire Tea.

Their single-use brewing method {means that it is easy to switch|allow for switching easily|mean that it is simple to move} between different drinks without any {hassle|difficulty|problems}.

Can single-serve coffee machines be environmentally friendly?

{Due to|As a result of} the waste often being associated with coffee machines, such as filters and refills, {considering|thinking about|pondering} just how environmentally friendly using one is in your {LOCATION} home or business is natural.

At Nexus, we {put an emphasis on|focus on|care about} being a sustainable supplier, offering sustainably packaged options whilst continuing {to|our} work with {companies|businesses|organisations} such as Terracycle things that are {harder|more difficult} to recycle.

To find out more about our range of single-serve and bean to cup machines, give us a call now on 0800 3357 500 or email us at [email protected].