Coffee machines for {INDUSTRY}s

fresh brewed coffee {Regardless of the size of your {INDUSTRY} business|Whether your {INDUSTRY} is large or small}, it is {highly|very|most} likely that there will be a {sizeable|significant|considerable} portion of coffee {lovers|fans} in your midst. {Choosing a machine that is right|Deciding which machine to purchase|Choosing which hot drinks dispenser is right}, however, for not only {for your team’s tastes|the preferences of your team|the varied preferences of your team}, but for your {company|business} is {crucial|of utmost importance|vital}.

Whether this is about {cutting down on overheads|cutting costs|trying to reduce outgoing costs}, the {amount of staff|size of team|amount of people} your machine {is required|needs} to serve or ease of maintenance, each business {will have different requirements|has unique needs|has unique requirements}.

With over 50 years {experience|of acquired knowledge in} {supplying|providing} {coffee machines|hot drinks machines} for your {INDUSTRY}, at Nexus we {know all|are aware|have extensive knowledge} of the {elements|key factors} that {go into picking|are important when choosing|are important when picking} a hot drinks dispenser.

When it comes to {coffee machines|hot drinks machines|hot drinks dispensers} for {INDUSTRY}s, the two most {common|popular} types of machines are bean to cup and single serve. {When it comes to deciding|When making a decision about|When it comes to picking} which is {best|right} for your {business|workplace|company} there are three {crucial|key|important} factors that should be {considered|thought about}– machine maintenance, hot drink selection, and whether you will charge.

Maintaining your {INDUSTRY} coffee machine

{With bean to cup machines grinding the|Bean to cup machines grind} coffee internally, this means that {they require taking apart|they will need to be disassembled} after a certain amount of use for cleaning. Whilst the {time between cleaning will|frequency of cleaning will naturally} vary from model-to-model, in {workplaces|businesses|companies} with larger teams, this can mean fairly frequent maintenance.

This {issue|problem} can, however, be {navigated to some degree|solved to a certain degree|avoided to some degree} if your  business is {willing|happy} to train staff {thoroughly|properly} on how and when to clean the {INDUSTRY} coffee machine. {Due to their capsule|As a result of their pod|As a result of their capsule} brewing method, {opting to go with|choosing|purchasing} a single serve machine can be another, more convenient, way to {avoid this issue|solve this problem|solve this issue}.

The hot drink selection that suits your {industry}

The second {important factor|key element|important element} to {keep in mind|bear in mind|consider} when {choosing|deciding|picking} between these two options is hot drink selection.

business coffee disposable cup

{Despite coffee often being the go-to|Although coffee is often the preferred|Despite coffee often being the preferred} choice of hot drink in most {workplaces|businesses|offices}, it is important to ensure {that all tastes are accounted for|that everyone’s preferences are thought of|that everyone’s preferences are accounted for}. At Nexus Drinks, our single serve Flavia and Klix models serve some of the UK’s {favourite|most popular} hot drinks brands, such as Mars, Kenco, and Yorkshire Tea.

These machines are {perfect|great|ideal} for {INDUSTRY}s {coffee is not to everyone’s taste|people have a wide selection of favourites|people have varied tastes}.

Charging for drinks

When it comes to {choosing|picking|selecting} a {coffee machine|hot drinks dispenser|hot drinks machine} for your {INDUSTRY}, it is also {important to be aware of|crucial to consider|important to consider} the {price|expense} of hot drinks. In smaller teams, {offering|providing} free hot drinks can be {an inexpensive booster of|simple and cheap way to boost} morale, but in larger teams this can {become very costly|quickly become very expensive|become pricey very quickly}. Our machines, such as the Flavia, can be fitted to charge for drinks if {this is something that you think would be better suited for you business|you think this would better suit your business}.

Can using coffee machines in {INDUSTRY}s be environmentally friendly?

Hand holding paper cup of coffeeAt Nexus, we are {aware|knowledgeable} of the environmental issues {surrounding|that come with|that are associated with} packaging. {This is why we work closely|It is because of this that we work} with organisations such as Terracycle for packaging that is {hard|not as easy|more difficult} to recycle and also {ensure|guarantee|make sure} that we supply sustainably packaged options {everywhere possible|in every area that we can}.

To find out more about our range of single-serve and bean to cup machines, give us a call now on 0800 3357 500 or email us at [email protected].